Efficient and immersive browsing of large and complex neuroscience data

We are looking for a student who is interested in the challenge of developing software for new types of human-machine interfaces for the dynamic visualization and inspection of complex three dimensional data such as the brain's neural networks.

We are using a new microscopy data browser optimized for the visualization of big data acquired from volumetric light and electron microscopy. We want to expand this browser with complex, interactive and unconventional functionnalities to enable full control of these complex data with the following devices:

1. a common handheld gamepad controller
2. a desktop eyetracker that reads the direction of the eyegaze of the user
3. a novel body sensor integrated to a new generation chair that tracks legs and hips motions of a user
4. visualization of microscopy data with a virtual reality headset (Oculus)
5. eyetracking in combination with the virtual reality headset

Good programing skills required (the main programming languages will be Java and/or Python). You will be supervised by Thomas Templier, Mark van Raai and Prof. Richard Hahnloser. The project takes place at the Institute of Neuroinformatics, which will provide you with a unique opportunity to interact with researchers working at the cutting edge of brain research and neurotechnologies.


Thomas Templier, templier (at) ini.ethz.ch

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